May 2024

Experience Piedmont & Acqui Terme

Our B&B is located right on the outskirts of the town of Acqui Terme. From our house you have a nice view of the town and it is also within walking distance for those who feel that a 1.5km walk is possible.

Podere Tonette from sky

Podere Tonette Agriturisimo

We run a bed and breakfast at our vineyard. The farm is 4.8 hectares of which 2 hectares are planted with vines, the remaining parts are somewhat like a park where you can walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Acqui Terme Fontain

Acqui Terme

The town of Acqui Terme is located in the Piedmont region. The town has 20,000 inhabitants and has a really cozy small-town feel with narrow streets, many of which are cobbled. There are around 80 restaurants and a number of enoteca (wine bars).

Piemonte NW Acqui Terme


Acqui Terme in Piedmont is right on the UNESCO World Heritage-protected part of the region with cultivated vineyards around all the rolling hills of the area. An incredibly beautiful landscape with all the vines.

Our apartments

Our apartments have the unique combination of being located on a vineyard which is also close to the city!

Podere Tonette Apartment
Podere Tonette pool
Podere Tonette Rooftop