Hiking, biking and exercise 

Aktivities in Piedmont

In the region, there are great opportunities for various types of activities and training where you can enjoy the magnificent nature at the same time.

Hiking - Acqui Terme

We ourselves really like the hiking in Acqui Terme and its surroundings. Here you can choose to climb the various hills/peaks or just walk between the rolling hills and vineyards before stopping at a winery for something refreshing to drink.

Running - Acqui Terme

A training session with a run in the fantastic nature can be a wonderful feature of your holiday stay. We have a few runs that fit well starting from Acqui Terme.

Padel - Acqui Terme

In Acqui Terme there is a modern padel facility just a few km from our winery. There are 3 padel courts, 2 of which have a roof. You make your reservation directly online.


Road cycling is big in Piedmont and when you are out with your car on various small roads you often meet road cyclists who are out on a training ride. We ourselves have our road bikes on site in Acqui Terme to be able to explore the surroundings.

MTB also works on several of the hiking trails around the region and here you can enjoy a magnificent view and often with the Alps in the background. However, what you should watch out for is if there are significant differences in height and too steep paths.

Then there is also Finale Ligure, 90 minutes away by car, which is considered by Red Bull to be one of the world's top 5 sites for MTB. They have trails for all skill levels and with a magical view of the Ligurian landscape.

Rent a bicycle "citybikes"

We have 4 regular city bikes on our farm that we rent out to our guests. Our bikes have 4 different colors as you can see in the picture next to here. They are equipped with a bicycle basket and lock.

Rent a bicycle "ebikes"

If you wish to rent ebikes, we can recommend Ebikeacquiterme. They also speak English.
You can contact them via ebikeacquiterme@gmail.com
or by phone 0039 3425273074
Link to website below: