Acqui Terme

Walking around Acqui Terme 

The first time we came to Acqui Terme we fell in love with the town, one of the most beautiful small towns in Piedmont in our opinion. But still big enough that there is a lot to choose from.

The town of Acqui Terme is located in the Piedmont region. The city has 20,000 inhabitants and has a really cozy small-town feel with narrow streets, many of which are cobbled. Many of the streets have small cozy boutique shops with clothes. There are also a number of Pasticceria (patisseries), Panetteria (bakery), Gelateria (ice cream) and even a couple of Macelleria (butchers) that sell meat directly over the counter. Simply a lovely variation of many things!

Every week on Tuesdays and Fridays, the town blossoms in the morning as the local market sets up in a series of streets and squares. Many from the local population take the opportunity to shop a little cheaper at the market and it has a really good variety with everything from clothes, bags, fruit and vegetables to locally produced food.


Acqui Terme has around 80 restaurants in and around the town. There is something for all tastes and different price ranges.

Some of our favourit restaurants in Acqui Terme

  • Ristorante La Curia, see the picture.

  • Da Nonna Gina


  • La Fonte Ristorante

  • Cascina Marcantonio, a restaurant located 2.5 km away from our vineyard. Located out among the vineyards with a magnificent view of Piedmont. Feel free to enjoy one of their Aperitivo before the meal, and after that there is a good variety of Italian dishes to choose from.


There are a number of Enotecas in the city, functioning as small wine bars where you go in and have a glass of wine.

Many of them serve "apertivo" which often means that you get a glass of Aperol and to that you often get perhaps some salami, a piece of cheese or maybe foccaia bread. Aperol can of course often be exchanged for a glass of bubbly, white or red wine.

In Piedmont, they make a sparkling wine that goes by the name of Alta Langa and which, in our opinion, is one of the best there is. So feel free to try any of the Alta Langa that is available to choose from.

The Enotecas we ususally end up on is

  • Enoteca La Curia, see the picture

  • Clos Enoteca, they have two places in town we usually end up at the one on Via Giacomo Bove. The one in Piazza Duomo is really cozy too, but it's not open very often.

  • Enoteca dueperdue

How to get down to the town of Acqui Terme

Our B&B is located right on the outskirts of the town of Acqui Terme. From our house you have a nice view of the town and it is also within walking distance for those who feel that a 1.5km walk is possible.

There are also two taxi companies in the city, but they only have a few cars (so it is good to book in advance). Just google "Taxi Acqui Terme" to find them. However, they can have a little hard to communicating in English, so translating an email into Italian with Google Translate is the safest tip for a booking.