Wine tastings and Cantina

Discover Piedmont and its magical vineyards

Some of Italy's most famous quality red wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, are produced in Piedmont. But not only these, but here is also one of Italy's best white wines called Gavi, which is made from the green Cortese grape. It is also considered the white jewel in the crown of Piedmont.

When it comes to sparkling wines, Moscato d'Asti has a very high reputation. In recent years, Italy's answer to champagne has also progressed by leaps and bounds, and it is Alta Langa that has its home also in Piedmont.

Wines with the DOC and DOCG classification are also produced here, which are the highest Italian quality classifications for wine. It also makes Piedmont the region in Italy with the most quality classifications.

All this is spread out in fantastic valleys with rolling hills and a magical nature. Piedmont means "at the foot of the mountain" and it fits well as the mountain of the Alps protects in the north and west, in the south it is the mountain of the Apennines.

Here we have shared the Cantina (wine cellars) and Vineyards that we visited in Piedmont and that we can also recommend. We have experienced them ourselves through vineyard visits and wine tastings. Then of course there are many more good places as we also have a lot left to discover.

Podere Tonette - Acqui Terme

At our own vineyard Podere Tonette can we offer both vineyard tours and wine tasting by our sommelier-trained owner Tore. You will also get some interesting facts about both the vineyard and the region's wines.

Enoteca Regionale - Acqui Terme

Enoteca Regionale is a shop and marketing point for all winegrowers in the local area around the town of Acqui Terme. The Enotecan is a perfect starting point to start exploring the wines of the region.

Cantina Cuvage - Acqui Terme

Cantina Cuvage is located just outside Acqui Terme. If you like sparkling wines, this is obviously a place to visit. Here is one of our absolute favourites, the sparkling wine Alta Langa in the Cuvage series. In the same Cuvage series there is also a really good light pink bubble made from the Nebbiolo grape.

Giulio Arnera - Strevi

Giulio Arnera is located in the neighboring village of Strevi just a few kilometers from Acqui Terme and on the road past our farm towards Strevi. This is a vineyard where the family takes care of the entire vineyard from grape to wine in a bottle, a real family winery. A wine tasting here offers a very family atmosphere and you often also get a few different small dishes for the wine tasting. One of our real favorites!

Marenco - Strevi

Marenco is a winery and wine producer located in the village of Strevi just 3.6 km from our winery Podere Tonette.

Marenco farm is located out among the vineyards and you pass it on the blue hiking trail (more info under the activities/hiking menu). They also have the Marenco wine producer located inside the village of Strevi, where most of their wine tastings take place.

Marenco wants you to book a trial with them beforehand, so contact them at the link below if you would like a trial.

Cantina Alice bel Colle - Alice bel Colle

Cantina Alice bel Colle is located in the village of Alice bel Colle near Acqui Terme. It is a cooperative that has many wine farmers connected. They also have their own series of wines that have the Alice bel Colle brand. This is one of our favorites when it comes to wine tasting partly because they have good wines, as well as Stefano who speaks really good English and also the tower at the top of the village with a magical view of the countryside.

Poggio Matteo - Castel Boglione

Azienda Agricola Poggio Matteo is located in the village of Castel Boglione near Acqui Terme. It is a vineyard with ancient origins located at high altitude and resting on the gentle hills between Langhe and Monferrato. Directly from the vineyard you can look out over the vineyards and the rolling hills. One of our favorites is their red still wine Briccoleo which is a Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG.

Braida - Rocchetta Tanaro

Braida is located in the village of Rocchetta Tanaro starx north of Nizza Monferrato. Braida were pinoyers in Piedmont with aging Barbera in French barrique barrels that are toasted on the inside, which gives the wine a really good and full character from the barrel. Over time, they have developed some of Piedmont's best Barbera wines.

Francone Barbaresco - Nieve

Francone is located in the middle of the Barbaresco area near the village of Neive. They produce a range of wines including their elegant Barbaresco DOCG, Barbera d'Alba DOC and various sparkling wines in their Valsellera series.

This winery is well worth a visit. There is a lot to see and many different varieties of wine to try.

La Spinetta - Neive

La Spinetta is a winery with a very reputation and they have vineyards in both Barbaresco and Barolo. Here you have the chance to try many classics wines from La Spinetta. Their symbol, with a rhinoceros on all bottles, has over time become their major recognition factor.

Fontanafredda - Barolo

Fontanafredda is one of the largest wine producers in Piedmont, so here you will see a large-scale producer of wine. You will find them near the village of Serralunga d'Alba in the Barolo area.

From our vineyard it is 65 kilometers and takes about 55 minutes by car to Fontanafredda.

Gigi Bianco - Barbaresco

If Barolo is usually called the king of wines, Barbaresco is usually called the queen of wines. This is a fairly small but very picturesque and beautiful village, no bigger than what you see in the picture next to here.

We have tried the nice winery "Azienda Agricola Gigi Bianco" located at the foot of the majestic medieval tower of the village. This is one of the oldest vineyards in Barbaresco with roots dating back to 1870 and has been run by four generations of winemakers.

In the cellars, with their old vaulted tile roofs, there is cleanliness and a love of detail among the wooden barrels, barriques, bottles and bygone days.

From our vineyard, it is 45 kilometers and takes about 50 minutes by car to Barbaresco.

Serralunga Casa Mia - Barolo

The village of Serralunga also has its own DOCG appellation (highest classification) for Barolo wine. Here you are right in the middle of the most classic wine fields and now with a view with La Morra in the horizon.

"Serralunga Casa Mia" is an Enoteca (wine bar) in the village of Serralunga, so it's not a regular winery. However, well worth a visit with an stunning view of the most classic Barolo wine fields. From this enoteca you have a magical view of the wine fields in Piedmont.

From our vineyard it is 70 kilometers and takes 65 minutes by car to Serralunga.

La Morra - Barolo

The village of La Morra also has its own DOCG appellation (highest classification) for Barolo wine. This is probably one of the most beautiful villages in the entire Barolo region and is well worth a visit. La Morra is a small picturesque village located on one of the highest hills in the region with a stunning view of the region and all the vineyards. Once inside the village, you will meet narrow alleys and cobbled streets.

Uve — Rooms & Wine Bar - La Morra

Uve is a small boutique hotel, wine bar (enoteca) and restaurant located in the middle of the village of La Morra. Incredibly cozy place to stay and have a glass of wine and an apertif, can really recommended this place.

From our vineyard it is 70 kilometers and takes 65 minutes by car to La Morra.

Rocche Costamagna - La Morra

Cantina Rocche Costamagna is a Cantina that offers wine tastings and a tour of the wine cellar where they produce and store their wines. It is located right on the edge of the village of La Morra so it is very easy to get there and make a visit.

Wine knowledge of Piedmont wines

At the link below, you can learn a little more about Piedmont and its wines.