Podere Tonette Agriturisimo

The vineyard with the city close location

The vineyard is only 1.5 km from the town of Acqui Terme and within walking distance for those who like to walk.  We can offer the slightly unique combination of an Agriturisimo with 25 beds and a picturesque town with around 80 restaurants and wine bars!

Podere Tonette

The park

The area around the house is like a park where you can wander around and enjoy everything from different seating areas to looking out over the vineyards.

Wine tasing room and dining room

The vineyard has a wine tasting room and a dining room connected to this.

The vineyard

The vineyard is 4.8 hectares, corresponding to 48,000 square meters, and of this 2 hectares are cultivated with grapes from which wine is produced.

The pool

We also have a large swimming pool that is free to use for all our guests. There are many sunbeds to choose from.