The area around Acqui Terme 

The town of Acqui Terme is right on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with all the vineyards and wine fields that sit on the rolling hills of the area. Take the car and drive north, northwest of Acqui Terme and you will be stunned by the magically beautiful landscape that spreads out in the area, the picture above was taken from that very area. If you want an address to go to, please steer the car on the winding small roads in the area towards the town of Nizza Monferrato and then take another road back towards Acqui Terme

Alice bel Colle

Alice bel Colle is a small village located 8km from Acqui Terme, and just as the name suggests, the village is located on a hill. The village also has a smaller lookout tower called "Belvedere", which you can climb for free. From this you have a magical 360° view of the landscape and all the vineyards of Piedmont. On a fine day you can also see the alps in the north and northwest, and if so you will certainly also see one of the highest alpine peaks, Monte Rosa, on the horizon.

From our vineyard it is 8 km and takes 13 minutes by car to Alice bel Colle.

Why not bring some coffee and look for "grande panchina numero 62" BBCP (Big Bench Community Project) and enjoy it there, we promise you will get a magical view! A project in Piedmont where giant benches are exhibited in places that often have a magical view just like this one. The coordinates are 44.73278674408081, 8.429987454713002


Roccaverano is the highest village in the area at 759 m above sea level and it is located 26 km southwest of Acqui Terme. In the village there is a nice tower that is 35 meters high, which is free to climb. However, there are no normal stairs up, but you climb some parts on ladders that still have quite good railings. Here you have a 360° view of the area, a magically beautiful view.

From the village of Roccaverano also comes the famous goat cheese Robiola, which is quite soft and nice in taste.

Just below the tower there is a nice restaurant Osteria del Bramante, so a good tip is to combine a visit to the tower with eating a "pranzo" (lunch) at the restaurant there. They usually have several dishes that include the local goat cheese Robiola.

From our vineyard it is 26 km and takes 30 minutes by car to Roccaverano.

Cities to visit in Piedmont

If you want to visit a few cities and still stay close to the wine districts, we recommend the towns in Piedmont below. Park on the outskirts of the cities as they all have large parking lots for free on the outskirts.

Acqui Terme

Acqui Terme is a smaller town but still with a lot of shops and cozy alleys with lots of restaurants. In our opinion, one of the coziest towns in the wine district.

From our vineyard, it only takes 4 minutes by car down to the city. We usually park at Piazza Don Piermo Dolermo, which is free to park at.


Alba is the town that is in direct proximity to the Barolo and Barbaresco districts. The city is located in the middle of the Langhe wine district and here you can find wine bars, wine cellars and a large selection of restaurants. When you park your car and get out of it, you will probably smell Nutella, because this is where Nutella comes from and where one of the biggest factories is located.

The city has a cozy city center with a number of squares and streets with shops.

Summertime during the high season, however, it might be a bit "well" too many tourists in the city for our taste.

From our vineyard it is 60 km and takes 60 minutes by car to Alba.


Asti is a medieval town and here you can wander around between churches, squares and wine bars.

Few cities are associated as much with wine as Asti, it is also from here that the wine Asti Spumante originates, the wine is made from the Moscato grape. There is also a lot of shopping here.

From our vineyard it is 43 km and takes 50 minutes by car to Asti.

Piedmont -a quality wine district in Italy!

Some of Italy's most famous quality wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco are produced in Piedmont. Only wines with the DOC and DOCG classification are made here, which is the highest Italian quality classification for wine.

Nebbiolo is the great quality grape from which both Barolo and Barbaresco are made. But there are also the Piedmont grapes Barbera and Moscato, both of which have made strong progress on the wine market in recent years and are increasingly gaining ground. The latest grape from the region that is getting more and more talked about is Dolcetto (meaning the little sweet one).

We understand that many of our guests come to explore Piedmont and its winemaking and history. So here we have collected some tips on places to visit where you can combine both wine, the villages and the magical landscape.

Nizza Monferrato

Nizza Monferrato is both a nice small town and a very famous wine destination. Just like in several of the other cities, here you can combine shopping with a visit to an enoteca or cantina.

In the picture we try "La Cantina Enotecanizza" which is also a restaurant.

From our vineyard it is 23 km and takes 20 minutes by car to Nizza Monferrato.


Barolo, which is probably the most described village in Piedmont, here you tread on classic vineyards and it is well worth a visit.

The village is located in a small valley as you can see in the picture and it is relatively small so you can walk through the entire village relatively quickly. There are several restaurants, enoteca and cantina in the village.

From our vineyard it is 65 km and takes 60 minutes by car to Barolo.

La Morra

La Morra is one of the closest villages from Barolo and from here you have a magical view over all the "Barolo" vineyards and you can also see the village of Barolo.

Our favorite is to take the car to La Morra and then hike through the vineyards down to Barolo for lunch. Then hike back up to La Morra again after lunch, then you can choose another route between the vineyards to get some variety. Very beautiful hike!!

From our vineyard it is 65 km and takes about 60 minutes by car to La Morra.


If Barolo is usually called the king of wines, Barbaresco is usually called the queen of wines. This village is also very picturesque and beautiful. There are of course a number of cantinas and enoteca, so you can do a wine tasting here if you wish.

Barbaresco also has an observation tower "Torre di Barbaresco" which you can visit and from this you then have a really beautiful view of the landscape.We have tried the nice winery "Azienda Agricola Gigi Bianco" located in the village.

From our vineyard, it is 45 km and takes about 50 minutes by car to Barbaresco.


Serralunga also has its own DOCG appellation (highest classification) for Barolo wine. There are 5 DOCG for Barolo and one of them comes from Serralunga. So here you are right in the middle of the most classic wine fields and now with a view with La Morra in the horizon of all the wine fields.

In the picture we try the place "Serralunga Casa Mia" which is an Enoteca (wine bar) in the village of Serralunga. From the restaurant you have a magical view of the wine fields in Piedmont.

From our vineyard it is 70 km and takes 1h 10 min by car to Serralunga.


Neive has a lot to offer in terms of various Enoteca and Cantina that you can visit.

Why not pay a visit to"Cantina del Glicine", a Cantina with roots from the 16th century.

From our vineyard it is 45 km and takes 50 minutes by car to Neive.