Podere Tonette Agriturisimo

Enjoy our vineyard Podere Tonette Agriturisimo

Just enjoying our vineyard can be lovely! Wander around the farm, go on a wine tasting, vineyard tour, work out in the gym or just relax by the pool, just enjoy!

Many may be wondering what Agriturisimo means. In order to run a farm that is an Agriturisimo, according to Italian law it is required that it is a farm where you grow some kind of food, in our case wine production. You can also go on holiday and live on the farm in normal cases, just like with us. Many have fallen for this unique form of holiday where you get to enjoy a genuine holiday in the countryside with a farm that also has some kind of cultivation

..... but in our case also with the slightly unique combination of an Agriturisimo with 25 beds and walking distance to a picturesque town with around 80 restaurants and enoteca!

We are happy to share!

We are happy to share experiences and tips when you visit us. So take the opportunity to ask if there is something specific you would like to visit, if you are lucky we may know something and can share it with us!

Tore & Janette with Acqui Terme in the background.

The gym

We have a small gym for those who want to exercise. Pictures will come as soon as the renovation is done.

The pool

What could be nicer than just lying by the pool and relaxing on a hot summer day!

Wine tastings

We offer wine tastings with a couple of different themes, there is also one where we include a vineyard walk where our owner Tore who is trained as a sommelier can also tell you more about the life cycle from grape to wine on the farm.

Both the wine tastings and the vineyard tours are offered in English and Swedish.

Walk downtown to Acqui Terme 

The town of Acqui Terme, close to our vineyard, is in our opinion one of the coziest towns in Piedmont. You get the small-town feeling with cozy alleys and cobblestone streets.

With 1.5km walking distance from our Podere Tonette to the town, it is a perfect distance to walk to. The town has around 80 restaurants, a number of enoteca (wine bars) and many different shopping opportunities.

Hike from Acqui Terme to Strevi and back

Just outside the entrance to Podere Tonette there is a hiking trail that goes between Acqui Terme and Strevi.

On the "blue" part of the loop (se the picture) there is also a "big bench" with a very beautiful view of the surrounding vineyards.

Strevi is a small Italian village that also has a wine producer "Cantine Marenco", here you can also do a wine tasting but please make a reservation with them before the visit.