Acqui southwest trail

Acqui Terme - Southwest trail

The southwest trail in Acqui Terme offers really nice views and you will also reach the village of Cavatore.

The trail starts conveniently at Viale Acquedotto Romano 16 and just north of the last house there is a parking lot before the bridge over the river.

There are many different variations and routes you can choose on the trail, the route we took was 12.9 km and medium in difficulty. The trail starts at 145 m above sea level and at the top at Cavatore you are at 516 m above sea level and with a really beautiful view.

The first part is on the path and running track that goes along the Bormida River before turning south, first you have a short parh on the SP334 road before entering smallroads that slope gently upwards in a southerly direction.

After 2.5 km, you leave the road and enter a small path that was a bit difficult to see in some parts, but there were really good markings on the trees, so you can still follow it well. We also had a bit of tall grass in places, the path arrived on the next road after 3.3km. After this, it was only hiking on small roads or dirt roads.

Once up in Cavatore you have a really beautiful view. There was also a restaurant that was open, it's called "Ristorante Da Fausto".

The village of Cavatore itself has classic narrow streets and is really cozy.

The road back north towards Acqui Terme slopes gently downwards all the way and we also passed the village of Ovrano (no serving).

The trail mostly follows paths to the south. At the turn and when you go north towards Acqui Terme again, the trail mostly follows smaller roads.

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