Hills north of Acqui

Acqui Terme to Strevi

The trail between Acqui and Strevi can be varied in a number of different ways and there are a couple of really nice stops you can do on the way.

In the northern part you come out into the undulating landscape where you mostly see vineyards and rolling hills up towards the northern part of Piedmont. A very beautiful landscape regardless of the season.

Big Bench in the northern part of the trail

In the northern part there is a small path to a large yellow "Big Bench" (in Italian it is called "Panchina Gigante #21 Strevi"). It is a project in Piedmont where giant benches are set up at beautiful vantage points in nature that you can visit and have a coffee on.

This is a really nice place and can really be recommended for a stop and just have a coffee and enjoy nature.

The "Big Bench Project" (in Italian they are called "Panchina Gigante") has almost become a movement to build large benches and display them in really nice vantage points. At the link below you can read more about the project and find lots of more benches to visit in Piedmont.

Cascina Marcantonio

Cascina Marcantonio is a restaurant and also a B&B with an incredibly beautiful view of the valley and all the vineyards. They serve really good food and drink, everything is also homemade on the premises.

Why not stop and have an apertivo? You are then usually served something good to drink and often snacks as in the picture.

They also serve lunch and dinner on site. If you want to be sure, you should book this in advance as they may be fully booked or simply closed on the day in question.

This is also a good evening restaurant. It is 2.0 km from Podere Tonette so a walk there and back can be a suitable evening walk.

Vineyard Marenco

If you want to have it really nice you can book a wine tasting at Marenco, which is a vineyard located in Strevi with its production and where you can do a wine tasting.

Marenco farm is located among the vinefields and you pass it when you walk on the blue trail. Marenco wants you to book a vinetesting with them beforehand, so contact them at the link below if you wish to arrange a test.


The trail is mostly on small roads and it is possible to go in both directions.

The orange trail has shuttles (painted on trees) that are white/orange, the trail is 8.9km

The blue trail has shuttles (painted on trees) that are white/blue, the trail is 15.7km

The gray trail has signs (painted on trees) that are yellow/grey, the trail is 9.2km. However, this trail does not pass Podere Tonette, but you can of course connect to it by taking the orange trail north.