Running from Podere Tonette

Directly from our Podere Tonette vineyard, there are a number of different types of running trails to do. A popular tour is to run the hiking trail that goes between the hills of Acqui Terme and Strevi.

The orange trail is 8.9 km long and can be run in both directions. The biggest height difference is down to and up from Acqui Terme city.

You can also just run up the hill and directly from Podere Tonette run counterclockwise towards Strevi and then turn back the same way when you think the distance is long enough.

If you want a long ride, you can of course also run the blue trail, which is 15.7 km. That trail can also be shortened where the trail to the "Big Bench" goes, from that place you can run between the vineyards and get back on the orange trail.

Running by the river of Acqui Terme

On the south side of the river Bormida di Spigno that goes through Acqui Terme there is a cycling and walking track that works great for running. If you want to take the car there, there is parking on the street Strada del Greto.

The bike and footpath are 2km along the river and then you turn around and run the same distance back so all in all it is 4km.