Braida - Rocchetta Tanaro

Just the road to Braida north of Acqui Terme is an experience in itself. Large parts of the road to Braida run over rolling hills with vineyard after vineyard in an incredibly beautiful landscape.

For many people, Braida is associated with their Brachetto dÁcqui, which is a sweet red wine that goes well with many desserts or perhaps just a piece of chocolate. Brachetto dÁcqui is made from 100% Brachetto grapes and the maceration is stopped already when the wine has reached 5.5% alcohol in order to retain as much sweetness as desired.

Braida is probably more famous for their Barbera wines. As early as 1982, the estate's owner Giacomo Bologna began experimenting with his innovative idea of pairing Barbera with french barrique barrels. Giacomo selected the best vintages and allowed the grapes to mature slightly longer before maturing in barrique barrels. The success of the wine Giacomo then produced "Bricco dell'Uccellone" has been very great and they have won a series of awards.

Barida's owner Giacomo Bologna then continued to develop Barbera wines and produced the wine named "Ai Suma" in 1990. This is the jewel of barbera wines at Braida and is a very good wine that is also included in several of their wine tastings.

During a guided tour, you can see the wine cellar with botti barrels and also the cellar with their steel tanks where the maceration takes place. Then the noblest part with the barrique barrels and their finest Barbera wines "Bricco dell'Uccellone" and the jewel of the Barbera wines "Ai Suma".

Homepage and bookning

To do a test at Braida, you should contact them thourgh their contact form on the web, or alternatively email them. They can accommodate a maximum of 40 people at the same time for a guided tour and tasting.

If you have short notice, like the day before, it might be best to call them to book an appointment. They speak good English.

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.

Our last tasting we did was in the spring of 2024 at their winery atVia Roma, 94, 14030 Rocchetta Tanaro AT.

Then we chose their wine tasting with red wines and chocolate, something that can really be recommended. The test cost 30 euros. Then you also got to try their barbera "Ai Suma", which is their Jewel of barbera wines.

Rocchetta Tanaro

From Acqui Terme to Rocchetta Tanaro you pass Alice bel Colle and Nizza Monferrato. The road there is incredibly beautiful with rolling hills filled to the brim with vineyards. So we recommend that you put in extra time on the journey to be able to stop and enjoy the magnificent view on the way there.

From our winery it is 31 km and takes 35 minutes by car to Rocchetta Tanaro.