Acqui Terme

Cantina Cuvage - Acqui Terme

Cantina Cuvage is located just outside Acqui Terme. It is a cooperative with a hyper-modern facility to produce mainly sparkling wines. If you like sparkling wines of the highest class, this is a given place to visit.

They make one of our absolute favorites when it comes to sparkling wines in Piedmont and it is of course our beloved Alta Langa!

The vineyards that produce the grapes for Alta Langa are 6 hectares in size and are located at 450 meters above sea level, which provides the perfect acidity for the wines. The soil is also rich in lime, which contributes to the perfect conditions.

They also make a sparkling rosé based on the nebbiolo grape and it's very similar in style to the Alta Langa, so it's also one of our favourites. Both of these sparkling wines are made in the Cuvage series and are made according to Metodo Classico, which is the classic method that Champagne is also made according to.

They also produce the Acquesi series which are sparkling wines made according to the tank method (also called the "Martinotti method"). They are also very good sparkling wines in a slightly lower price range.

With a booked tasting, a guided tour is also usually included where you can see the entire winemaking process and the cellar. It's a really modern facility that was built in 2011, with a really big capacity. Everything is clean, beautiful and orderly in the winery.

Homepage and booking

If you want to be sure of getting a vinetasting on site, it is best to always make a booking in advance. They also have a wine bar inside the premises so it's fine to just swing by during opening hours and try wine just over the bar.

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.

From our vineyard it is 4.5 km by car and it takes about 5 minutes by car to Cuvage.