La bollente square
in Acqui Terme

Enoteca Regionale - Acqui Terme

Enoteca Regionale is a shop and marketing point for all winegrowers in the local area around the town of Acqui Terme. Enoteca Regionale is like a mix of a library and tourist office but for the wines of the region. So if you want to know more about the local wines, this could be the perfect place to start your journey and exploration of the wine region.

The Enoteca is located in the basement of some of the oldest buildings in Acqui Terme called Borgo San Pietro and has origins dating back to the 16th century. Just finding the opening to the alley can be a bit tricky as it is a really narrow alley that is maybe only about 1 meter wide at the narrowest point, follow the alley for about 20 meters. Then you will find a sign pointing down a half-staircase to the basement where the Enotecan is located.

The Enoteca is located in the cellar which has very nice vaults and the different wines are placed in a couple of the rooms. A little further in there is a section for testing with tables and benches.

Enoteca is run without a profit interest and can therefore offer tastings of wines at very good prices. Usually they have a range of wines that you can try by the glass. Prices for a regular glass of red wine are as low as maybe 2-3 euros and a glass of their bubbly AltaLanga 4-5 euros (2024 prices).

Homepage and booking

If you want to be sure of getting an arranged winetasting with a test leader on site, it is best to always make a booking in advance. They have a number of different winetasting that you can choose from.

You can of course just go there and try a few different wines in the bar without a reservation.

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about Enoteca Regionale.

The Enoteca Regionale from our winery is 2.0 km and takes 5 minutes by car, or 20 minutes if you choose to walk.