Road to Serralunga

Fontanafredda - Serralunga

Fontanafredda is one of the largest wine producers in Piedmont, so here you will see a large-scale producer of wine. 

Fontanafredda is located between the villages of Gallo and Castiglione Falletto south of the larger town of Alba. Fontanafredda belongs to Serralunga d'Alba in the Barolo district.

Fontanafredda was founded as early as 1858 and has very old origins. It is also apparent when you visit the winery and see the size of the facility and the age of many of the buildings.

Their most recognized and best wines are unsurprisingly their Barolo wines which they produce in many different varieties. On site you will find the entire range and often a number of different vintages.

The ones you may not know about are their large range of Alta Langa where they have about 10 different sparkling wines to choose from. Alta Langa from Piedmont has become Italy's equivalent of champagne.

Homepage and booking

To do a winetasting at Fontanafredda, you should contact them via their contact form on the web, or alternatively email them. They have a range of different tastings with guided tours that you can choose from already on the web.

They also have a restaurant and a shop to buy wines on site with them. Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.

Close to Fontanafredda you find the villages of Serralunga

Serralunga is a nice village in the Barolo area. Serralunga d'Alba is high up so just the way there offers a fantastic view and very beautiful views. Inside the village itself, there are perhaps just under 10 enoteca and restaurants to choose from.

From our vineyard it is 65 kilometers and takes about 55 minutes by car to Fontanafredda / Serralunga d'Alba.