Giulio Arnera

Giulio Arnera - Strevi

Giulio Arnera is located in the neighboring village of Strevi just a few kilometers from Acqui Terme and on the road past our farm towards Strevi. This is a vineyard where the family takes care of the entire vineyard from grape to wine in a bottle, a real family winery.

Matteo Arnera, who was born on the farm, works on the farm and it is his family that has run the farm and produced wine for more than 100 years and 4 generations. He lives on the farm with his Portuguese wife Lidia, who does the wine tastings.

Giulio Arnera has his 20 hectares of vineyards around the villages of Strevi and Cassine. Here they produce quality wines and try to keep as good environmental impact as possible. The wines have classifications in the two highest classifications DOC and DOCG.

During a guided tour, you can see the wine cellar with barrique and botti barrels as well as the large steel tanks. The wine tasting takes place in connection with the space where they store the wines.

Homepage and booking

To do a winetasting at Giulio Arnera, you should contact them through mail or phone (whats up). They can accommodate a maximum of 30 persons at a time for a guided tour and tasting. Lidia, who holds the winetasting, has worked internationally in business and is very good at English!

They have two different tastings that they normally offer. A "regular" tasting where you get to try four wines for 25 euros per person. Lidia usually also offers some nice snacks for the tasting.

They also have a longer tasting where you try significantly more wines and Lidia offers a number of small dishes along with the wine tasting. A very pleasant and family tasting where it can take anything from 3 to 5 hours depending on your dialogue and how many of you are at the winetasting. The winetasting costs 50 euros. We can really recommend this if you have the time!!

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.