La Spinetta - Neive

La Spinetta is a winery with a very high reputation. Their symbol with a rhinoceros on all bottles has over time become their major recognition factor.

La Spinetta is owned by the Rivetti family and was founded in 1977 by Guiseppe and Lidia Rivetti. Their property includes 165 hectares of vineyards, of which 100 hectares are located in Piedmont and 65 hectares in Tuscany.

La Spinetta has a number of different wine fields in both the Barbaresco and Barolo areas. Their most famous wine fields in Barbaresco, after which they also named a couple of wines, are Gallina and Starderi. They also have a perfect microclimate and calcareous soils.

During a guided tour, you can see the warehouse with all the pallets of wine bottles. They also show the steel tanks where they do the maceration and storage of the wine. It is in the wine cellar that the wine is allowed to mature and most of the storage takes place in oak barrique barrels of 225 litres. As is well known, a Barbaresco must be stored for at least 24 months, of which at least 9 months in oak barrels before being released on the market.

Hompage and bookning

To do a wine tasting at La Spinetta, you should contact them via their contact form on the web, or alternatively email them. They can accommodate a maximum of 25 people at the same time for a guided tour and tasting. Just remember to book the right facility as they have 2 different ones in Piedmont, one in Barolo and one in Barbaresco and another one down in Tuscany.

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.

We did our last tasting with them in the fall of 2023 in Barbaresco at the facility at the village of Castagnole delle Lanze near Neive. It cost 35 euros, which is slightly more than in other places, but then you have to keep in mind that you also get to try some of their 100-200 euros wines. So with that said, it is still a tasting well worth it for the wine lover.

Neive - a villiage in the Barbaresco district

Neive is a nice village in the Barbaresco area. Neive has a lot to offer in terms of various Enoteca and Cantina that you can visit.

From our vineyard it is 40 kilometers and takes 45 minutes by car to Neive.