The view from La Morra

Cantina Rocche Costamagna - La Morra

Cantina Rocche Costamagna is a Cantina that offers wine tastings and a tour of the wine cellar where they produce and store their wines. It is located right on the edge of the village of La Morra so it is very easy to get there and do a visit. The vineyard dates back to 1841 so it is a very old and well established wine producer.

The village of La Morra also has its own DOCG appellation (highest classification) for Barolo wine. Cantina Rocche Costamagna of course has its specialty in its Barolo wine, which they have in different varieties with different aging times.

Cantina Rocche Costamagna also makes a Langhe Nebbiolo, which is basically made from the same grape as their Barolo wines. The reason that the grapes are downgraded to "only" being a Lange Nebbiolo may be that the vines have had not as good growing condition. In order to be able to call a wine Barolo, it is also decided that the vine must grow within a specific geographical area. So for Lange Nebbiolo, it may simply be that the plot of land is outside the designated Barolo area. This often results in a slightly simpler wine, but which is often really, really good and for a totaly different price than the Barolo wine.

Their Barbera d'Alba is also a really good Barbera wine, especially the one that is "superiore". Barbera wines are a little more fruity and have a little less tannins than Barolo.

Rocche Costamagna uses a classic Barolo winemaking method and the traditional style of Barolo. This includes the storage in the cellar with 2500- to 3200-liter Slavic oak barrels, these are called "botti". The Barolo wine is refined for 18 months in cask and then 20 months in bottle (as for Rocche dell'Annunziata) or up to 24 months in cask and 36 months in bottle for Riserva. With that in mind, you also gain an understanding that Barolo wines cost a little bit more.

For the storage of Barbera d'Alba, barrels of the type "Barrique" are used, which are French oak barrels with a size of 225 liters.

During a tasting, a showing of the cellar is usually included. There you can visit both botti casks and barrique casks.

These are the large barrels called "Botti" made of Slavonian oak

Homepage and bookning

If you want to be sure of getting a wine tasting on site, it is best to make a booking for the wine tasting at the winery in question.

Below is a link to the website with contact details and more info about the winery.

La Morra a village in the Barolo district

This is probably one of the most beautiful villages in the entire Barolo region and is well worth a visit. La Morra is a small picturesque village located on one of the highest hills in the region with a magical view of the region and all the vine fields.

Once inside the village, you are met by narrow alleys and cobbled streets.

From our vineyard it is 70 km and takes 65 minutes by car to La Morra.