Welcome to our vineyard Podere Tonette

Here we have collected practical information for those of you who live at our vineyard.

On the link below you will find information on how to get to Podere Tonette and good tips on how to travel here.

Accommodation and check-in

Check-in from 15:00 on the day of arrival.

Check-out before 11:00 on the day of departure.

Luggage room is available for bags.

All apartments are equipped with bed linen, towels and hairdryer.

The apartments' kitchens have crockery, glasses, cutlery and pans, there is also salt and black pepper.

No cleaning in the apartments during the stay itself.


Parking is available on the farm. Parking must take place at the far end of the guest houses on the grass area (so that the cars do not obscure the view for our guests). The location is marked with P signs.


A free WiFi is available with SSID: "Podere Tonette Guest" the network is open and no password is needed to connect.

Wine and service


At our vineyard we offer breakfast for 8 euros/person/day. In order for us to have time to prepare breakfast, let us know no later than 18:00 the day before that breakfast is desired (if you have pre-booked, no advance notice is needed, of course).

It is possible to book breakfast time between 08:00 - 10:00.

We do not serve lunch and dinner at the vineyard.

Wine tasting

We offer wine tasting with a vineyard tour for our guests.

Wine tasting 4 different wines

  • 2-3 people at the same time costs 30 euros per person.
  • 4 people or more at the same time costs 25 euros per person.

Drink list

We have a wine list where you as guests can order wine, drinks and beer from. The serving from this is charged after the end of your stay via the "minibar" in the room. Orders from this can be made when the owners are on site at the farm.

The pool and sun protection

The pool is open daily between 09:00 - 20:00

Dear guests, you must of course protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen. However, remember not to put on the sunscreen and then immediately after take a dip in the pool, it turns the pool water yellow. So for all of you to enjoy blue pool water keep this in mind.

Feel free to use the outdoor shower by the pool, the thick pipe in the shower pole is filled with water and heated by the sun so it becomes warm water.

Pool towels

We offer slightly larger pool towels for a stay rental.

  • Pool towel costs 3 euros/towel for rent.

Garbage  sorting in the apartments

Plastic and Metall bin - Here you put everything made of plastic and metal. Preferably squeeze water bottles and metal cans.

Paper bin - Here you put everything that is made of paper. As e.g. cardboard, napkins and compressed tetrapacks.

Organic bin - Here you put everything that is food waste (change the bag at least every other day otherwise everything gets wet and melts in the bag).

Glasflakor - Glass bottles are placed on the floor next to the garbage cans in the holder for 6 bottels.

Non-recyclable bin - Put ONLY what cannot be recycled here.

If you wish to empty the bins in the room, it can be done in the large bin behind Janette and Tore's apartment building.

Italy has come quite far with sorting waste by charging extra for emptying rubbish in the "Non-recyclable bin" category. So avoid placing rubbish in the "Non-recyclable bin" as much as possible. All other categories are free to empty within the trash subscription, so we greatly appreciate it if you help with the trash sorting!

On the farm, gas is used for heating water and for the stoves (that's more or less the standard in Italy). To use the gas for the stove, find the yellow faucet under the sink and turn it on (if it's not already on).

All apartments are equipped with gas detectors and smoke detectors.

The stove is powered by gas

220 volt outlet

There is the euorpean standard for 220-240 volt 50 Hz outlet type F (CEE 7/4 Schuko)

At all double beds there is a powercube with an outlet for the 220 volt F standard. As well as 1 USB-C socket and 3 USB-A sockets.

How to get down to the town of Acqui Terme

Our farm is located right on the outskirts of the town of Acqui Terme. From the farm you have a view of the city and it is also within walking distance for those who think a 1.5 km walk is affordable. Normally takes 20-25 minutes to walk.

We also have 4 city bikes that we rent out to our guests on the farm.

There are also two taxi companies in the city, but they only have a few cars (so its good to book in advance). Just google "Taxi Acqui Terme" to find them. However, they can be a little hard to communicating in English, so translating an email into Italian with Google Translate is the safest tip for a booking. 


By car, it takes a single minute to get to Acqui Terme. In Italy, you already see from the color of the P box whether it is a free parking or if it costs money:

White lines on the P box = free parking costs nothing

Blue lines on the P box   = parking costs (often the easy park app works)

Yellow lines on P box      = DO NOT park here, often handicap or intended for other vehicles = fine.

We recommend parking at "Piazza Don Piero Dolmero" which is a free parking close to town.


On the link below you will find some of the restaurants we recommend and of course some of our favorite enoteca (wine bars) in the city.

So from the list above of restaurants, our favorites is if you only have time to try a few Da Nonna Gina, Angolo di Vino, il molo 11 and of course Cascina Marcantonio.

Don't forget to order an apertiovo at enoteca La Curia!!

We have a deal with the restaurant "il molo 11" so that all guests who come from us get a 10% discount + that they can pick up or drop off by car at podere tonette if you notify them before (you need to check that they really can before).

Wine tasting in Piedmont

On the link below you will find some of the wineries and wine tastings we recommend around Acqui Terme and in Piedmont.

So from the list above of wine tastings, our favorites are if you only have time to try a few:

  • Podere Tonette with us of course, yes the advantage is probably that you get it all from scratch in an easy way. You can ask all the stupid questions, which means you have a good basis for the next test in Piedmont ;-)
  • Giulio Arnera, a slightly different tasting that is not as strict as maybe in other places very familiar and Lidia offers something small to eat and also speak good English. They can sometimes also offer pick-up/drop-off at Podere Tonette, but as usual ask and book this before.
  • Alice bel Colle, book Stefano let him know that you came from Podere Tonette and it will be really good! Good wines and one of the most affordable places if you also intend to buy your wines home.
  • La Spinetta, book this if you want to try real class wines like a fine Barolo and a fine Barbaresco in the same tasting. No cheap wines though ;-)

  • Cuvage, book this if you love bubbles, they have many different really, really good bubbles and above all our favorite AltaLanga.

Rent bikes

We have 4 regular city bikes on our farm that we rent out to our guests. Our bikes have 4 different colors as you can see in the picture next to here. They are equipped with a bicycle basket and lock.

Prices for renting bikes

  • Daily rental citibikes 20 euros per bike/day.
  • Weekly rental of citibikes 100 euros per bike/week.

If you wish to rent ebikes, we can recommend Ebikeacquiterme. They also speak English.
You can contact them via ebikeacquiterme@gmail.com
or by phone 0039 3425273074

They usually cost 40 euros per day to rent. You can find more information at the link below:

Food shopping in Acqui Terme

Below are some recommendations on places to shop for food in Acqui Terme.


Is like a big ICA Maxi store where you can find most things.

Address: Stradale Savona, 90, Acqui Terme

Galassia Ipermercato

This store is slightly smaller than Bennet but still really big, the advantage is that it is closer to the city center.

Address: Via IV Novembre, 28, Acqui Terme

Carrefour Express

This is a small fast food restaurant in the city center, they still have quite a good selection of goods and actually a manual deli counter.

Address: Via Nizza 9, Acqui Terme

Market in Acqui Terme

Every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the city blossoms in the morning as the local market sets up in a series of streets and squares. Many from the local population take the opportunity to shop a little cheaper at the market and it has a really good variety with everything from clothes, bags, fruit and vegetables to locally produced food.

The farm at Podere Tonette

The Podere Tonette farm is quite large and park-like where you can roam.

Seating groups in the garden

There are a number of seating groups outside on the farm that can be used by the farm's guests.


There is a barbecue in the yard. From time to time it may also be possible to obtain firewood for the barbecue from the owners. Otherwise, you buy your own barbecue charcoal and use the farm's grill.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

If you have any questions or want us something, please send us a message on WhatsApp.

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