Hiking in Acqui


We ourselves really like the hiking in Acqui Terme and its surroundings. In the picture above, we are hiking the southeast trail around Acqui Terme, where you get a magnificent view of Piedmont and you can glimpse the Alps in the background on a clear November day like this.

Acqui Terme - Southeast path

The southeast trail in Acqui Terme offers really nice views when you get a bit up at the mountain. There are many different variations and routes you can take on the trail, the route we took was 7.7 km and medium in difficulty. The trail starts at 170 m above sea level and already after 1.6 km you are up at 410 m above sea level, so the toughest part of the trail is right at the beginning with a rather demanding climb.

Acqui Terme to Strevi

There are a couple of different hiking trails between Acqui Terme and Strevi. The trails are mostly on smaller roads and are relatively easy to hike. In the northern part of the trail you can look out over large parts of Piedmont and all the rolling hills in the landscape, an incredibly beautiful and fine area.

Follow our path through the Wikiloc app

To make it easier for our visitors, we record the routes we walk with the Wikiloc app, which is free to download. Our visitors can then look up our account Podere Tonette in the app and follow one of our routes that we recorded. You then get a map and, if you want, real-time trail information so that the app tells you directly if you deviate from the trail or go wrong somewhere.